Member Applications are now OPEN!

The Potters Guild will be accepting membership applications from August 24th to September 22nd. You don’t necessarily need a lot of formal ceramics knowledge to apply. As an organization that strives to promote education in the ceramic arts, we are looking for people who value community and are committed to our mission. All members are expected to fulfill member obligations, contribute at least 15 hours a quarter, pay yearly dues of $600, annually or semiannually, and adhere to the Code of Conduct and Membership Agreement. This year we have five spots available and successful applicants will hear from us before Winter Classes sign ups open. If you have any questions or would like more information, please email We look forward to reviewing your applications!

Please carefully read the top of the application that includes the rubric, deadlines, and information about what must be submitted. Application deadline is September 22, 2023. No late applications will be accepted.

Open Application Here