We are excited to offer kiln rentals for cone 6!
You purchase the space, we do all the hard work!

Please read the following FAQ to make sure you understand and follow the below procedures.

What can I fire in the Potters Guild kilns?

We only fire cone 6 materials. We recommend that you go to Clayworks Supply to purchase your clay and glazes. At the Clayworks Supply checkout, indicate that you are firing your work at the Potters Guild and they will make sure you have the correct materials. If you are not sure about what you are buying, please give them a call. Please do not buy anything that cannot go up to the cone 6 temperature as it can cause serious damage to the kilns.
At this time, we are not offering the use of our facilities for working or glazing.

What is the drop off and pick up procedure?

Please follow these steps carefully for the best kiln rental experience!

1. Make sure all the work you want to fire at the Potters Guild is clearly labeled with the same name or initials on every piece

2. Pay online, record the specific materials used and your email address in the ‘notes’ section at checkout and print receipt

3. After checkout, you should receive an automatic receipt with the lock combination for the pick up/drop off shed. If you do not, please email bmorepottersguild@gmail.com

4. Drop off is on Saturday and Sunday 12-5pm. Place your work in the shed outside the studio with printed receipt and material information attached. No receipt, no notes, no firing. Please bring your work in boxes labeled with your name. We recommend travelling with work that is leatherhard rather than bone dry.

5. There is a two week turnover for bisque and glaze. Pick up is on Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm

*note* you are not loading the kilns yourself, you drop off your work, sit back, relax, and then pick up 2 weeks later

Disclaimer for firing work at the Potters Guild

By purchasing kiln space at the Potters Guild of Baltimore, you agree to and acknowledge the following:
– That you will purchase and use the correct and appropriate materials for a cone 6 firing

– The kiln managers have the right to reject pieces that are not safe to fire. Ex. glaze on the bottom of pots, pieces with materials other than clay embedded

-The kiln managers have the right to reassess the kiln size originally chosen and contact the client if the workload is larger than what was paid for

-The Potters Guild is not responsible for broken pieces and will not fire pieces that are broken before they go into the bisque (unless stated in a note by the client the reason for firing)

-The Potters Guild is not responsible for missing/lost work if pieces are not labeled correctly

What are the sizes of the kiln rental and how can I figure out what works for me?

You have the option to rent:
Full kiln = ~ 10,800 cubic in
Half kiln ~ 5,400 cubic in
Quarter kiln = ~ 2,700 cubic in (fits about 22-25 mugs) To find the cubic space:
Volume = length x width x height
Gather your work together leaving space in between items, measure using the above equation

The pictures below can help give you a visual for a quarter kiln

DSC_0218 DSC_0220

How do I purchase space?

Cost includes: kiln manager wages and regular kiln maintenance

Bisque Firing: cone 06, no glaze, first firing
Full kiln: $100
Half kiln: $50
Quarter kiln: $25 Glaze Firing: cone 6 glaze only, second firing
Full kiln: $125
Half kiln: $75
Quarter kiln: $38
*Double check your glaze! Cone 06 is a different temperature than cone 6 and are not interchangeable.

Please note that these are the only 3 size options. We are not offering smaller kiln sizes at this time.

Click here to purchase kiln space