I’m a jewelry designer and ceramicist living and working in Baltimore. Like many before me, my collection of work is a result of an instinctual urge to leave a mark and is my humble attempt to reflect the fascinating and beautiful things I see in the world, using sustainable studio practices. My creative process is simple, I gather my materials and let the imagery come through naturally. Each piece reveals itself in its own time. My greatest accomplishment is usually figuring out when to stop adding details and letting the work speak to others! I love experimenting and discovering what the materials I work with can become. I seek to celebrate and share the incredible tradition and history of craft through my work with the hope of creating new family heirlooms for my customers. My line is inspired and informed by tradition and history, but in no way bound by it. In order to keep my studio practice sustainable and environmentaly friendly, I work out of a collective studio, where we share resources and recycled materials. My work can be found all over the country, at small boutiques, amazing galleries, and museum shops.

Selected Work