My work in clay is intuitive. I let my hands find figures in clay and personalities in pinch-pot pieces. Seeing “people” where others see inanimate material leads to faces in unusual places – inside bowls, on small double ewers, statues, and sculpted faces/masks. Sunny and inclusive spirits animate topsy-turvy traditional pieces with inferred stories. Curious objects offer companionship or memories. There are no loud statements; tho’ you may feel familiarity, loud joy, curiosity, bittersweet longing.

Moving to Baltimore unlocked my immersion in clay.

I was born in Ohio, and in order lived in California, Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, Illinois, California again – and am now back in Maryland. Art all along the way in classes, colleges, more classes, projects and more projects…. With special kudos and thanks to Trisha Kyner and Ozzie Mesa at CCBC; Deb Bedwell, Emily Lamb, Clarissa Pezone, Volker Schoenfleiss at Baltimore Clayworks; and Anna Crooks, Diana Adakhari, Diane Wacks at the Baltimore Potters Guild.

Selected Work