Van Tran Nguyen is an artist-scholar, filmmaker, curator, and hobbyist potter! She’s been potting around since 2021 and a guild member since January 2024. Tran Nguyen likes to hand-build bigger pots and throw lil’ cuties on the wheel. Her style is eccentric and she loves to underglaze silly little details to make her pots look cartoonish.

A little about her professional life:
Her short film, ERIE COUNTY SMILE released in 2021, is available for public access via the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Her first full-length feature film, The MOTHERLOAD, will be released in 2025. She is currently an Early Career Fellow at the UCLA Center on Race & Digital Justice. In the fall of 2024, she will join the Department of Performing Arts at Georgetown University as the Assistant Professor of Performing Arts. Dr. Tran Nguyen teaches courses across theory and practice including digital filmmaking, Techno-Orientalisms, and autoethnography in performance.

Selected Work