Guild_BLM_final2 Image by Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy
Instagram: @hayleypowersstudio

As a proud part of Baltimore’s arts community, the Potters Guild and its members stand with protesters and those demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and the countless other Black people murdered by the police as a direct result of white supremacy in the United States. We are a nation founded on stolen Native land, built by enslaved Black Americans, a country that by design continues to systematically disenfranchise and commodify the Black community.

We make this statement not only because it is true, but because silence is complicity. The Guild’s purpose is to create a communal hub, a safe and welcoming space where potters from a multitude of backgrounds come together. To facilitate this, an anonymous feedback form has been added to our website, where any comments, questions, and concerns can be sent. We will be as transparent as possible with grievances and our responses to them.

We are consciously looking to implement anti-racism practices in our operation, and hope to offer greater opportunities for the Black community in Baltimore.

We say plainly that Black lives matter. Black art matters. Black artists matter. And we hope you will join us on the long road to dismantle racism, specifically anti-blackness, in our government, our communities, and in ourselves.